A&G Agro Ltd.

3 sites Number of employees 28 7900 tons of grain storage capacity 13 trucks with a load capacity of 40 tons 1.5 million breeding capacity for QS-certified roast ducks Operating since 2012

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About the company

About us A & G-Agro Kft., Headquarters in Budapest, was established in 2012 to provide agricultural activities.

Both Gergő Uri and Attila Uri, as the owners of the company, are graduate agricultural engineers, and through our parents we have been in close contact with agriculture since we were children.

Our main activity is the wage breeding of roast ducks, which we currently carry out at three sites in north-eastern Hungary, with 28 employees and an annual breeding capacity of 1.5 million individuals.

Domestic freight transport is carried out by a fleet of thirteen vehicles with a load capacity of 40 tons each.

At our Nyíradony site, we purchase approximately 6,000 tons of grain feed annually, 90% of which is corn. There is a crop dryer at the site, which also has two storage facilities: one with a storage capacity of 5,500 tons in Nyíradony and the other with a storage capacity of 2,400 tons in Létavértes.

Our services

Poultry rearing
Crop purchase,
storage and drying
Feed production
Domestic freight transport
Buying vegetables
Crop production
in the field

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A&G-Agro Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
1138 Budapest, Váci út 186.

4281 Létavértes, 0841/3. hrs.
4281 Létavértes, 0841/9. hrsz.
4254 Nyíradony, 0299/7. hrsz.


+36 30 555 2935